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Wilson D7 Irons

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The Goal

Wilson’s newest maximum game-improvement iron is designed to provide more distance and be more forgiving

The Scoop
In Wilson parlance, a D in a club’s name signifies it is distance oriented, and the new Staff D7 irons were designed for golfers who struggle to create ball speed and want more forgiveness on off-center hits.

While the topline is relatively thin for a max game-improvement iron, there is plenty of offset to help mid- and higher-handicap players square the face at impact. The wide sole should help keep the irons from digging into the turf.

Wilson designed three rows of Power Holes into the soles of the 4-iron through 7-iron, covering the holes with urethane to keep debris from getting inside the heads. Along with the back badge, the urethane covering the Power Holes also help reduce vibrations created at impact to enhance sound and feel.

The real purpose of the Power Holes is to allow the thin stainless steel face to flex more efficiently at impact and help players create more ball speed, especially on shots struck low in the hitting area. They also create a higher launch, which should help players get their long and mid-iron shots to fly higher and come down more vertically to hold a green more easily.


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