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The MP-18 was designed as a throwback to the muscle-backs of Mizuno’s past. A shorter blade length, cambered top line and steep progression into sharp, compact wedges are the marks of our master clubmakers – who honed their skills on the irons of major winners. Grain Flow Forged for the most intensive feedback imaginable. In relation to previous Mizuno MP Muscle Back irons, the MP-18 irons are significantly smaller than the MP-5 irons and slightly smaller than one of Mizuno’s smallest modern Muscle Back irons, the MP-4. Their toplines appear thinner than they measure due to a camber that makes them look slimmer in the address position. In comparing topline thicknesses, the MP-18’s are thinner than the MP-5, but they’re a bit thicker than the MP-4.  The MP-18 irons will come stocked with True Temper Dynamic Gold shafts & Nippon N.S. Pro shafts with Golf Pride Mizuno M31 Grips. They are right-handed only offerings.

Features & Technologies 

-1025E Pure Select: Six times tighter tolerance than industry standard for greater purity.

Grain Flow Forged HD: Enhanced Grain Flow Forging process that increases grain density in the impact area for the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel.

Harmonic Impact Technology: Fine-tuned head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback.

Satin Nickel Chrome Finish: An elegant, yet durable non-glare finish.

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