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The Multi-Material Construction stems from a three-year project between our R&D team and our legendary forging house to address the demands of the modern player. The highly stable, forgiving multi-metal construction satisfies the needs of a large range of players. Through the strategic use of lightweight titanium, and heavier tungsten parts sealed within its 1025E mild carbon steel head, MP-18 MMC provides workability, control, piercing ball flight, and forgiveness while maintaining a similar ‘tour-ready’ profile and size to the MP-18 SC.

The MP-18 MMC irons are Grain Flow Forged from 1025E, but they use a multi-material construction to move weight to the centre of the club heads to enhance moment of inertia (MOI), a measure of forgiveness. The more centred COG is achieved by adding 20 grams of tungsten, a material more dense than steel, in the toe section of the irons. An 8-gram titanium insert, which is lighter than steel, was also placed behind the club face and toward the heel section of the club.

The titanium insert is used in each of the MMC iron designs. Tungsten was not used in the 8, 9, and PW club heads, however, as it was not needed to centre COG due to in those clubs.


Features & Technologies 

– 1025E Pure Select: Six times tighter tolerance than industry standard for greater purity.

– Grain Flow Forged HD: Enhanced Grain Flow Forging process that increases grain density in the impact area for the ultimate soft, solid, consistent feel.

– Multi-Material Construction: Strategically positioned exotic materials to help optimize launch and forgiveness.

– Forged Titanium Muscle: Titanium forged directly into carbon steel body allows for redistribution of discretionary weight for increased forgiveness.

– Tungsten Toe Weighting: High density tungsten mass concentrated low and toe side increases launch and sweet area.

– Harmonic Impact Technology: Fine tuned head geometry delivers ideal impact feel and feedback.

– Satin Nickel Chrome Finish: An elegant, yet durable non-glare finish.

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